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IMPORTANT: Read the classification explanations BEFORE loading sites listed in this database (classification explanations).

IMPORTANT: If you are using programs such as HostsMan, uBlock, ABP or are using the files for blocking on devices such as routers, please consider switching to the dedicated classification files.

hpHosts Classification Explanation

Note: Sites without a current classification are shown as "TBV" (To Be Verified). This means they are still awaiting classification. If you find a site listed without a classification, please contact me so it's reviewal can be sped up.

The following classifications are used to determine the reason for inclusion into hpHosts and have been published here for those wondering what the classification means when viewing the domain's information on the hpHosts Online website.

  1. ATS - Ad/tracking servers
    This classification is assigned for domains being used for advert or tracking purposes
  2. EMD - Sites engaged in malware distribution
    This classification is assigned to website's engaged in the distribution of malware (e.g. adware, spyware, trojans and viruses etc).

    Sites with this classification typically either contain files (e.g. cracks, keygens, adware, spyware, trojans, viruses et al) or lead to such via (for example) "fake scanners" or other social engineering and misleading tactics. This includes the activities of rogue Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that host other sites to which the EMD classification applies.
  3. EXP - Sites engaged in the housing, development or distribution of exploits, including but not limited to exploitation of browser, software (inclusive of website software such as CMS), operating system exploits aswell as those engaged in exploits via social engineering.
    Sites with this classification should NOT be loaded in a browser AT ALL.
  4. FSA - Sites engaged in the selling or distribution of bogus or fraudulent applications and/or provision of fraudulent services.
    All sites engaged in the selling or distribution of bogus or fraudulent software (executable or otherwise), including sites engaged in the selling or otherwise, of fraudulent services and/or products. This classification also covers sites involved in the development, promotion or selling of, comments, likes, ratings, votes or sites variations thereof, on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MyWot, Digg etc.

  5. GRM - Sites engaged in astroturfing (otherwise known as grass roots marketing) or spamming
    For full details on what constitues astroturfing, please see;

  6. HFS - Special classification for persons caught spamming the hpHosts forums
  7. HJK - Sites engaged in browser hijacking or other forms of hijacking (OS services, bandwidth, DNS, etc.)
  8. MMT - Sites engaged in the use of misleading marketing tactics
    This classification is assigned to sites that use misleading tactics to push applications (e.g. affiliate sites peddling a program as a free removal tool when infact it's a free scan only), services or websites (e.g. a chat session that is entirely scripted in the code).
  9. PHA - Sites engaged in illegal pharmacy activities
  10. PSH - Sites engaged in Phishing
  11. PUP - Sites engaged in the distribution of Potentially Unwanted Programs
  12. WRZ - Sites engaged in the selling, distribution or provision of warez (including but not limited to keygens, serials etc), where such provisions do not contain malware
Note: This classification system has only been published to the database since April 27th 2007. As such, many site's do not have a classification assigned yet. If you see a domain listed without such, and wonder why it is listed, please feel free to contact me.