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IMPORTANT: Read the classification explanations BEFORE loading sites listed in this database (classification explanations).

IMPORTANT: If you are using programs such as HostsMan, uBlock, ABP or are using the files for blocking on devices such as routers, please consider switching to the dedicated classification files.

hpHosts Inclusion Policy

Following is the inclusion policy for hpHosts. Sites submitted for inclusion shall only be accepted if they match one or more of the following. If a site is submitted that does NOT fit the criteria, the submission will be ignored.

We accept as valid hosts file inclusion candidates:
  1. Most ad/tracking servers (see Exemptions) (Classification: ATS)
  2. All sites engaged in spamming, astroturfing (otherwise known as grass roots marketing). (Classification: GRM)
  3. All sites engaged in malware distribution (adware, spyware, viruses etc). (Classification: EMD)
  4. All sites engaged in browser hijacking or other forms of hijacking (OS services, bandwidth, DNS, etc.). (Classification: HJK)
  5. All sites engaged in the housing, development or distribution of exploits, including but not limited to exploitation of browser, software (inclusive of website software such as CMS), operating system exploits. (Classification: EXP)
  6. All sites engaged in the selling or distribution of bogus or fraudulent software (executable or otherwise), including sites engaged in the selling or otherwise, of fraudulent services and/or products. This classification also covers sites involved in the development, promotion or selling of, comments, likes, ratings, votes or sites variations thereof, on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MyWot, Digg etc. (Classification: FSA)
  7. All sites engaged in fraudulent activity. (Classification: FSA)
  8. All sites engaged in the use of misleading marketing tactics. (Classification: MMT)
    • This classification is assigned to sites that use misleading tactics to push applications (e.g. affiliate sites peddling a program as a free removal tool when infact it's a free scan only) or websites.
  9. All sites engaged in illegal pharmacy activities. (Classification: PHA)
  10. All sites engaged in the selling, distribution or provision of warez (including but not limited to keygens, serials etc)*. (Classification: WRZ)
  11. All spammers sites proven to be engaged in adware, spyware or malware distribution and or browser hijacking. Unless it can be proven, adding spammer sites is a waste of time since they tend to get shut down very quickly. (Classification: EMD, EXP or FSA)
  12. All sites engaged in Phishing. (Classification: PSH)
  13. All sites engaged in the distribution of Potentially Unwanted Programs (Classification: PUP) (NB: Previously covered by EMD)
  14. Any and all entities which spam the hpHosts forums in any way. In addition to being permanently banned from these forums your site(s) will be added to hpHOSTS. (Classification: HFS)

Site's matching the following criteria that do NOT match the above criteria, are exempt from inclusion;
  1. Non-dedicated ad/tracking domains

    Where a domain is not dedicated to adverts, such as;




    Except where domain conflicts with above inclusion criteria (e.g. distribution of malware).

  2. Web hosting companies, domain registrars, domain proxies, search engines, URL re-direction services

    URL redirection services are only exempt if they have previewing turned on by default (at the very least this should include the URL the user will be taken to). Those such as TinyURL that require you turn on cookies yourself, are NOT exempt.

    Except where it can be proven that support of the malware (adware, spyware etc) industry is their primary mission.

    Note, this exception is invalidated for ad/tracking/malware related activity. For example, Google AdSense servers would be included, but Google itself would not.

  3. Pornographic and spammer website's are now only included if such site is found to be distributing malware, exercising the use of browser exploits, hosting of phishing website's, distribution of UAP etc.
We will not facilitate censorship. In other words we will not list sites based upon any form of bigotry or bias including but not limited to moral, national, political, racial or religious bias.

* Warez site's shall be given the WRZ classification except where the site is engaged in malware (i.e. dailykeys.com provides "serials" (registration keys) so would be given WRZ, whereas thekeys.ws infects the visitors computer aswell as providing warez, so would be given the EXP classification).

If you have any questions or suggestions relating to the inclusion policy, please feel free to contact me.

These criteria are subject to change without notice.